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Building projects is the most practical way to learn anything, and Web Development is no exception.
Become a Full Stack Web Developer with these awesome project-based courses.

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NextJS & OpenAI

Master Next.js and OpenAI: Build intelligent web applications with the latest in front-end development and AI innovation in one comprehensive course.


Master React from Scratch: Dive into the world's leading UI library and create over 25 captivating projects. This comprehensive course also unravels the power of Redux Toolkit to elevate your development skills.


Discover Node.js: Elevate your backend skills by crafting robust APIs with this hands-on course, featuring Express and MongoDB integration for full-stack mastery.


Master the MERN Stack: Create full-fledged web applications using MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS, and bring your full-stack development ideas to life from the ground up.


JavaScript Essentials: Start your coding journey with the language that powers the web. Engage with practical examples and build compelling projects to become a proficient JavaScript developer.


Web Development Foundations: Dive into HTML5 and CSS3, the building blocks of the web. Create stunning, responsive websites as you learn and apply key concepts through a series of real-world projects.

Styled Components

Styling React with Flair: Master Styled Components to create sleek, maintainable designs in your React applications with this powerful CSS-in-JS library.

Serverless Functions

Serverless Simplified: Unleash the power of serverless functions with Netlify. Learn to build and deploy scalable, on-demand backend services without the complexity of managing servers.

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